Halloween Magic Show

Halloween Safety Magic Show Denver Colorado

The Halloween Safety Magic Show is a Halloween-themed show that is perfect for schools, libraries, Scouts or clubs, daycares, costume parties, and family events.   This high-energy entertaining show has something for everyone — a haunted jack-o-lantern, a skull that floats all over the stage, goblins, ghosts, and ghouls.  An educational show that encourages reading, it presents characters from several well-known books, including Bunnicula and others.  Also included in the performance are plenty of Halloween safety tips:

  • Using a flashlight
  • Having an adult check the candy before eating it
  • Trick-or-treating with an adult or in a group
  • Wearing reflective or bright clothing
  • And more…

The Halloween magic show has lots of fun magic and comedy.  All the props are decorated in Halloween theme. Professional music and sound effects are included throughout the magic show.  Every child also receives an educational Halloween safety tip sheet and Kevloon coloring page.  This themed show also includes up to 50 free trick-or-treat bags for your guests.  Add your own treats or marketing pieces and send them all home with something special.

The best dates for this show go fast! Contact us to reserve your date and time today.